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Health & Safety News to LIVE By – Q3-2020 Newsletter

COVID-19 Continued

This is our third newsletter this year and unfortunately, third spotlight on the novel coronavirus currently plaguing the world. Our team has continued to exhibit industry-leading preventative measures at both our client facilities and office locations while remaining professional, poised, and dedicated to both safety and production. As a result, we want to use this spotlight as a THANK YOU to our workforce and their families for their diligence, sacrifice, and hard work to keep all of us safe.

You are appreciated!   

Mental Health Awareness

Health needs to be an emphasis for people of all walks of life on a regular basis. However, an alarming trend has surfaced in the construction industry within the last decade. That trend, which was recently highlighted during the Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Awareness Week (September 7-11), illustrates the overwhelming suicide rate in Construction and Extraction Industries, consistently at one of the highest rates per industry in the United States. Suspected contributors of these rates include the impact of long hours on physical and mental well-being, social pressures (i.e. tough guy mentality), and seasonal layoffs.

Now, more than ever, it’s critical that we focus our efforts on the mental safety of our industry’s workforce, as the pandemic has brought about more uncertainty and isolation. For more information, visit reputable sources such as the Center for Disease Control (CDC) or the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. 

Remember, self care is not selfish. Use your resources, ask for help, and check on others.  We are all in this together! 

Our Commitment

At CD & Associates, Inc., we are committed to employee health and wellness, both during work hours and beyond.

To emphasize this core value, we recently implemented an overarching wellness program for all of our employees, Whole Body Health & Wellness, and received great interest and feedback as a result! 

The purpose of this initiative is to expand on our existing top-notch safety culture and encourage employees to prioritize whole-self well-being.

Our goal of creating and sustaining a workplace culture that is inclusive, actively supportive, and encouraging of employee health and wellness is at the forefront of this program spearheaded by company management. 

Established short term and long term goals of this initiative are meant to provide our team with an abundance of resources focusing on five aspects of well-being: physical, mental and emotional, social, environmental, and financial. Resources include distribution of newsletters, monthly focus topics, weekly challenges, and quarterly challenges. 

Stay tuned for the results of our first quarterly challenge, a Virtual 5K Run/Walk! 

Keeping It Cool

Last year, a few of our safety professionals mobilized from Pennsylvania to Jacksonville, Florida to provide EHS support on a large project in the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industry. As a result of their first working summer in this new climate, our team quickly identified a heat hazard not often reached in the moderate climate of beautiful Pennsylvania. 

Like the resourceful professionals they are, these team members researched and implemented a number of resources to keep both themselves and the workforce at appropriate core body temperatures. From wearable cooling vests and accessories to custom misting tents, our team responded in full force to ensure a safe workplace! 

Field Office on Wheels

In support of a project with a large footprint in the times of the current pandemic, we were challenged with providing a location for our front line project supervision to complete the necessary paperwork and coordination with subcontractors while maintaining social distance with minimal impact to existing facilities. 

This mobile field office for one employee has been critical to our success in both adhering to COVID compliance requirements and being able to provide enough supervision to the evolving project footprint. Special thanks to the project team for identifying a need and creating a viable solution! 


  • Access to paperwork, whiteboard, etc. for trades from outside of the trailer 
  • Window awning also provides overhead protection from rain
  • Trailer is fully mobile for relocation throughout project timeline
  • Doors can be left open for air circulation


  • No hot dogs for sale!

Industry News

September is National Preparedness Month! This initiative, driven by FEMA within the Department of Homeland Security, is recognized annually as an emphasis for Americans to prepare for disasters both at home and in the workplace.  This year, the four weekly themes include:Make a PlanBuild a KitPrepare for DisastersTeach Youth About Preparedness
For more information, visit https://www.ready.gov/september.

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